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Engineered to Perfection

Innovox is a technology company based in Castro Valley, California, United States. Our mission at Innovox is making human interactions with technology seamless with creativity, imagination, and ingenuity.

We have just launched our first product: HubCase. HubCase is an all in one USB - C Hub & Metal protection case for MacBook Pros. Upvote us on ProductHunt and check us out on Amazon!


Although technology in the 21st century is progressing faster and faster, a lot of what we depend on has become less and less compatible with the newest technologies. We originally realized this when we saw how many adapters many modern devices needed for them to be able to function with USBs, headphones, etc. So we set out to create a device that connects the newest devices with the incompatible technologies which we depend on.

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As we set out to create a device that connects the newest devices with the incompatiable technologies which we depend on, we thought about quality. Not only do we want our products to connect the past and the future, we also want them to be dependable. That's why we only choose the best, most premium materials and the best manufactures to manufacture our products. Our products are assembled and quality controlled by one of the best electronics manufactures in China. We understand that "Made in China" may seem sketchy to a lot of people, but by choosing the best manufactures and carefully controlling the quality of our product, we make sure that our products meet and exceed FCC, RoHS & CE standards.

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Castro Valley, California, USA

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