HubCase Installation & Uninstallation Instructions

Please follow the installation & uninstallation instructions EXACTLY. Failure to do so may result in damage to HubCase and/or your MacBook! There are detailed installation and uninstallation videos below.


Thank you for choosing HubCase. For installation, you will need:

  • The case (The biggest part)

  • The USB - C Hub (the one with two prongs/plugs)

  • The plastic tool (Plastic tool in bright yellow)

  • Two screws

  • A screwdriver (We include one in the box!)

Slide your MacBook in left first into the case. Make sure to have the display open for this.

Then let go of your MacBook, and the right side should fall on to the case. Then press down, and your MacBook should snap into the case.

Flip your MacBook over, and direct your attention to the empty slot for the USB - C hub.

Look into the slot, and make sure that the openings are aligned with your MacBook's ports.

If the slot does not align, slide your MacBook left and right to align the ports.

Once the ports are aligned, slide the USB - C hub into the slot.

If the hub does not slide in, use the plastic tool and gently push the USB - C plugs down.

After the USB - C hub slides in, grab the screwdriver and the two screws. Screw-in the USB - C Hub.

If the bottom screw-hole does not align, give the hub a push, and the holes should align. Then screw the bottom screw in.

Check to see if the light on the side of the USB - C hub is blue. A blue light means that HubCase is successfully installed and working! 


You will need the following for the uninstallation of HubCase:

  • Included plastic tool (Bright orange)

  • A screwdriver (There is one in the box!)

Unscrew the top and bottom screws.

Pull the USB - C hub outwards.

Insert the plastic tool at the shown location EXACTLY. 

Lift your MacBook by the screen while pressing down on the plastic tool. Your MacBook Pro should lift up from the case.

Once your MacBook Pro lifts from HubCase, you are done! Congrats!

Installation Video
Uninstallation Video

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